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3 ways to get fit fast for summer

Stay committed to diet and exercise to get a beach body
Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images

Memorial Day is right around the corner. While it might not be possible to drop three dress (or bikini) sizes in that time, you can still get a better beach body in time for prime pool season. The trick is to commit to a comprehensive plan. Yep, that's right. You have to exercise and eat right if you want to see real change. Use these three strategies for best results.

3 ways to get fit fast

  1. Avoid common workout blunders. If you are an exerciser who wants to change the shape of your body, there are at least ten mistakes you could be making. One of the most common blunders is to use your workout to rationalize overeating. This is one of the blunders that new runners and marathoners often make and it can lead to weight gain and increased body fat.

    So how do you know how much you should eat? It can be tricky to fuel your workouts properly and still create the energy deficit necessary for fat loss. Your best bet is to invest in a session or two with a credentialed sports nutritionist. Many gyms and health clubs provide the service. Just be sure that your expert is invested in your best interests and not just in selling you unnecessary supplements or diet pills.

  2. Use the fastest path to fitness. If you are healthy enough for vigorous activity, don't waste too much time on long moderate workouts. One or two per week is fine. Instead, be sure to do at least 2 high intensity workouts each week to boost your metabolism and burn more calories with EPOC. Just be sure to recover properly after each session.
  3. Stay motivated. So what matters most when you are trying to make quick changes to your physique? Consistency is the key. You have to stay committed to both your diet and your fitness plan. No cheat days. No days off. Use the same tricks the pros use to stay motivated and stay on track to get the body you deserve this summer.
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