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3 Ways to Get Excited About Your Resume

Are you unemployed or seeking to change jobs? Well, the first thing that I would suggest is for you to start to learn how to activate the new job search in this wonderfully challenging world of work that we live in. For instance, Jack Chapman hosts a session called, "Streetwise Guide to Job Interviews". His sessions are complimentary and are valued at thousands of dollars worth of great materials, if you ask this writer. See his site at

Now that you have inspiration and information to activate your job search via social media, then select your targeted career area. This is the time to research your new career interest to find out how you can join it. If you want to downsize in your responsibilities this is the time to research those job areas as well. You can see Glassdoor or the Occupational Outlook Handbook for industry information.

Now, that you have two areas that focus your professional attention, the number one thing to do now is to GET EXCITED ABOUT YOUR RESUME! If you can excited, then as you know, your enthusiasm will rub off on your resume, cover letter, professional bio and also on your job focused LinkedIn profile as well as your online resume website! So let's get started with 3 Ways to Get Excited About Your Resume:

  1. List your job descriptions based on those successes that you and your team have experienced that show your passion within the profession.
  2. Demonstrate how you have helped meet the most important goals within your company using #'s, %, and $.
  3. Showcase how you and your team fixed a problem based on your experienced within the field and using your strategic skills.

Think about those times at work when you were happy and excited to help achieve success. When that issue came your way, you knew without a shadow of a doubt the solution that should be sought based on your experience. You may have come to your co-worker with whom you work well and you two brain stormed options and to your credit, it worked ! Your team helped your company save time, resources, man hours, and most of all, kept your team safe and your customers satisfied ! Shout it out with enthusiasm on your resume !

Share with us, those things that get you excited about your job search and resume. Share with us on FaceBook @ We hope that this article is helpful. Take a look at this video, "What Keeps Startup CEO Excited About His Job".

Debra Ann Matthews of Let Me Write It For You: Job-Winning Resumes and Career Services would like to answer any additional questions for you. She can be found on linkedin at or via FB at or on her website at You can also email her at

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