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3 Ways to Focus Your Social Media Efforts

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Social media marketing can either be a great method of connecting with people or it can be an incredible time sink. As most businesses would prefer the former, here are three ways to focus your social media efforts to be more productive.

1. Find Your Community

The best social media campaigns focus on their niche community and largely ignore other interests. For example, if you are an environmentally friendly business, then focusing on being a part of an environmentally friendly and sustainability focused group of people online will be your best bet. While this may seem painfully obvious, many social media campaigns will be much more broad based, sending their message out to anyone that would hear it, and that message is always lost in the noise. Find your community, focus on that community and be social. Brands that are actually social and interact with people and similar brands always see more engagement, more click throughs and better response rates.

2. Find Your Network

Finding the best networks for your brand is fundamental to having a fruitful campaign. For example, if you are wanting to reach out to teens with an interest in new technology you should avoid networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Or, if you are hoping to reach people that are 55+ in need of financial advice, running a campaign on Tumblr or Instagram will more than likely produce nothing but wasted time.

3. Create Social Media Habits

It is important that you develop habits or a routine when it comes to social media marketing. Being inconsistent means that your campaign will more than likely go unnoticed. Scheduling posts every day, making sure to interact every day and reach out for new followers are three habits that are easy to form and will inevitably highlight new areas where being consistent on social media will prove to be beneficial for your brand.



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