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3 ways to expand your career into a viable option

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I is special, I is bright and I is valuable. Well according to your Big Mama, you are all of these things. Now how do we promote, transfer and activate your interests, skills and favorite career activities in a way that you can really maximize your highest potential? Let's take a look at 3 ideas:

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#1 Make sure that you know all that there is to know about your career area. Go to such free educational resources offered by Harvard, Penn and other Ivy League schools to take free certification courses. You have all of the knowledge from top schools online for the small amount of $Free! See this online course offerings by Stanford faculty at

#2 For a general understanding of your career field, see such wonderful resources such as exists at Glassdoor or via the occupational outlook handbook. These sites will provide good career information such as duties, salaries and growth potential. Also note these professional associations so that you connect with these groups via linkedin (your social media networking site) and to meet other colleagues in your professional area nationwide.

#3 Check out the Office of Apprenticeship list of Officially Recognized Apprentice Occupations. Training with an apprenticed organization can offer you higher salaries, top trainings and lifelong certifications so that you can keep up with the latest trends. As an apprenticed professional, your skills level will soar. Take a look at the key benefits of working with an apprenticed organization: