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3 Ways To Deal With Growing Pains

Growing Pains...and I'm not talking about the '80's TV show. I'm talking about the painful process of growing personally, physically, and spiritually. It's not always about those beautiful mountain top experiences where in a 'flash' of ecstasy you let go of all that burdens you and you take a giant leap of growth. I'm talking about those times in your life when you are hurting and you're wondering 'why' and 'when' it will all be over. I can really relate to the cats in the video above.

I remember as a child I was experiencing some very painful leg pains. They would keep me up at night and I couldn't get comfortable. My mom took me to the doctor and after numerous tests he determined that it was 'growing pains'. No meds, therapy, nothing. Just suck it up, it will pass. That was no help to me when I was hurting!

Just recently I started having 'growing pains' after the rug was pulled out from under my well-laid plans. After laying on the floor with the rug crumpled underneath me I decided that I needed to 'suck it up'. I needed to move forward in the best way I could, which usually includes lots of stumbling, falling, crying, and whining.

Here's the 3 steps that I came up with to deal with my growing pains:

1. Realize that there is a purpose for the pain.

There is always a reason for something happening. It may not have been your choice but try to process the fact that there is a purpose in all the pain and chaos.

2. It's OK to be really 'pissed' off about the pain.

I had to understand that it's OK to not only be 'pissed off' at the situation but the people involved too. It's OK to vent in a healthy way about your pain.

3. Don't stand still. Move physically and mentally.

I realized that I need to physically move in order to move that 'pissed off' energy out of my body. Moving will make you feel better not only physically but emotionally as well. Mentally move that energy around too. Meditate, learn something new, read good fiction and allow yourself to go to a different reality even for a while.

I'm still picking myself up from the floor but it's getting better. I realize that there is a purpose in the pain, that it is OK to be 'pissed off'. It doesn't make me a bad person and I realize that I need to move physically to move the energy around and clear myself of the hurt.

Try these steps to see if it helps with your 'growing pains'. Let me know how you do! We are all in this together!

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