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3 ways musicians can make more money

  1. Book and play more gigs, or book better paying gigs. College campus performances, hotel performances, and corporate business event performances pay substantially more than your typical bar gig, pending your type of music fits those type of events.
  2. Create bundles of merchandise to sell. The idea is that if you have a few albums to sell, or a few different pieces of merchandise that you can sell individually at one price and a bundle of a few of your products for a collective higher price (but ultimately lower per product price) you can end up making more money at a gig by only selling a few of the bundled packages than selling the same amount of individual products.
  3. Monetize your band's fans and music community. If you have a solid fan-base build a "member of the band" exclusive experience subscription website. Charge a nominal fee, perhaps between $5 and $15 per month for fans to have access to regular content, videos (of rehearsals, new and unreleased song videos, etc.), live chats with the band for input on an upcoming album, exclusive songs for subscribers...whatever you can think of that would be exclusive to this group of subscribers. Die hard fans typically like to be exclusively "in-the-know" and part of a specific community. By having 50 fans that are subscribing for $5 each to your "member of the band" website that's $3000 a year!
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