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3 Ways George Stephanopoulos Can Help us Be Better Moms

This column is about single moms in San Antonio. However today we are going wild and taking a visit to a married dad in New York City.

George Stephanopoulos. Good Morning America. This week with George Stephanopoulos. Jimmy Kimmel Live. You see his face everywhere, almost every day of the week, reporting news and bringing us information from around the world. You see him often enough that you can actually pronounce his last name! On top of his everywhere presence, he is also married and a father!

When does this guy sleep? How does he manage to spend quality time with his family?

We may not be on TV all the time, but as moms, we do have to learn how to juggle multiple obligations and tasks and boo-boos according to the circumstances life throws at us. Whether single or married or newly single (due to divorce or death or deployment), or if we get a new job, move to a new location, don’t have any family help…whatever the case may be, we adjust. Because we have to.

But we don’t have to do it alone. Here are three ways we can follow George’s lead and enhance our mommy lives:

1 - Stay connected with your family. We don’t want our kids’ faces buried in a screen all day but with the plethora of technological tools available today, there is absolutely no reason for not communicating with our kids. Text them during the day (but don’t get them in trouble if they are school-aged). George has said he has had to learn how to be a dad while on the air. He does this by texting his kids all through the show during commercial breaks. “One minute it’ll be ‘leave your sister’s hair alone, leave your sister’s hair alone’…Good morning, America!”

2 - Do what you like. George is everywhere because he loves what he does and he is good at it. When you have a passion for what you do, you do a good job, and it shows. That is beneficial for your well-being, and it makes you a happier, more balanced role model to present to your kids.

3 - Share with like-minded people. The team on GMA is like a family. They genuinely care for each other, and you can tell by the way they interact together, care for each other, support each other (like during Robin Roberts’ bone marrow event and Amy Robach’s current breast cancer situation), laugh together! There is no law that says you have to hang around people who suck the life out of you or who are negative or just don’t get what you do or why. Don’t. Just don’t. There are plenty of people out there who like to do what you like to do. Find them - there are plenty of online groups easily located through social media, enjoy their company, get and give support, and be happy. Be happy with yourself, and be happy around your kids.

These things can help us be better moms!

What is something you have incorporated into your life that helps you feel better about the relationship you have with your kids? Please feel free to share in the comments section!

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