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3 Ways for college students to create their own summer enrichment opportunities

Summer is almost here. Perhaps, you were passed over for traditional internship opportunities or you did not get your applications out in time. A majority of your friends are off preparing for their internship opportunities and you are stuck residing in your hometown all summer. Maybe, you had your heart set on taking summer classes and/or workshops related to your degree field but, are unable to because of financial constraints.

However, not all is lost for you. Below are 3 ways in which to create your own summer internship opportunities.

1. Start your own small online retail business

Chances are you or your family has a lot of stuff to sell. If this is not the case, you can always scavenge local garage sales and thrift shops for items to sell. The goal here is to get experience running your own business. Be sure not to spend to much upfront money on merchandise, as that will cut into your profits. There are many informative blogs and podcasts which will explain the best way in which to start an online retail business.

2. Take a summer job in another city or state

Perhaps, you have a relative living in another city or state whom has an extra room available for the summer. Living in another city or state gives you the opportunity to expand both your career and social network. Before undertaking this, both parties have to be clear on the parameters of the arrangement. In addition, you will want to pitch in for rent, groceries, and/or utilities.

3. Develop an independent course of study

The laid back atmosphere of summertime can be ideal for learning a new skillset or brushing up on an existing one. Check out online Internet courses and/or community education programs in your area.

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