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3 Valentine's Day activities for second graders

Second graders
Second graders
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for SAG Foundation

There are many fun activities to do at Valentine's Day for second graders, kids really enjoy Valentine's Day and this holiday is made that much more special when activities in the classroom are geared toward the special day.

Second grade was always one of my favorite grades to teach because kids get so excited about learning and especially love the holidays, so planning Valentine's Day activities were well worth the effort as I knew the kids would love it.

These Valentine's Day activities for second graders are excellent for center activities but also could be used as whole group activities. The Valentine's Day feel guessing box works best in a center, the Valentine's bingo works best as a whole group activity and the Valentine's sorting works best in a center.

Here you will find 3 Valentine's Day activities for second graders that are fun, educational and perfect for the holiday.

Valentine's Day feel guessing box

Find an empty shoe box and cover the bottom and lid separately in Valentine's Day related wrapping paper, then cut a small circle in the lid big enough for a second grade hand to fit through. Place items in the box for children to feel and try to guess what the items are, make sure to lay a pad of paper next to the guessing box so kids can write down their guesses. When the child is done guessing, he or she can remove the cover and see what items are in the box. Some items I have placed in the guessing box for Valentine's Day are: conversation heart candy, a rose bud, jelly bean, heart shaped eraser, dice or any other items that have an interesting feel.

Valentine's bingo

Print off free Valentine bingo cards from the internet or even simple bingo cards work well too. Use conversation heart candies as number markers, this Valentine's Day activity works best as a whole classroom activity and works especially well as a holiday activity for the classroom holiday party.

Valentine's sorting

This easy Valentine's Day activity for second graders is easy to prepare and set up. Cut multiples of a variety of sizes of hearts out of construction paper and place in a center. Kids can then sort the hearts into piles of same sizes, also placing the piles in order from smallest to largest. Laminate the construction paper hearts for long lasting use of the Valentine's sorting game.

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