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3 Twin Cities dog parks your dog will love

Dog fun at Minneapolis Dog Parks
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The Twin Cities has gained momentum in building dog parks that are now frequented by thousands of residents and their dogs. There are over 50 dog parks in the metro area alone. Many of the suburbs now have their very own dog park and many options are available in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Before your first visit, take the time to brush up your knowledge with these top 10 dog park tips.

Minnehaha Falls Dog Park – 5399 South Minnehaha Park Drive, Minneapolis, MN

The dog park at Minnehaha Falls is a dog and dog parent’s paradise. You will begin your journey into the park on a long scenic hike giving you endless options for fun. You may choose to continue your hike on one of the trail off shoots taking you up through bluffs and crossing various little bridges. Or you may choose the direct route to the sandy beaches of the Mississippi river, where your pup will be certain to run into some canine pals for romping, wrestling, fetching and swimming. You cannot go wrong with this dog park and you are guaranteed a tuckered out pup each and every visit. You will need to pay for parking or you may elect to get a yearlong pass. Your dog will need a city license and a dog park pass. Make sure you have towels and seat covers in your vehicle, as your dog may very well be sandy and messy. The great time had by all is worth the extra effort!

Airport Dog Park – 6096 28th Avenue, Bloomington, MN

80 Acres! Yes, you saw that right. This park has multiple gates for entering and offers plenty of space for walking, running, fetching and playing. You will see the airport runways almost within arm’s reach, flights coming and going. Plenty of space here to find a less populated spot for your dog and a couple friends to play in small play groups. There are no fees or licenses needed to attend this park, but you will also need to dispose of your dog’s feces. There is no trash service available, but a small price to pay for a free dog park in every other way. This park is not fully fenced, though there are advantages to a dog park that is not fully fenced. They tend to attract people that have good dog recall practice with their dogs. The best dog at the park is the dog that will turn on a dime when called!

Battle Creek Dog Park – 2300 Upper Afton Road, Maplewood, MN

Another spacious park that boasts 35 acres. A dog park with something fun for every dog. Excellent scenic trails that lead to various ponds and grassy play areas. Whether your dog fancies a hike, a swim, or playing with friends, you will find it all here. The park is fully fenced with double-gated entries and exits. Not all dogs are fond of all dogs, yet are fantastically great players. The various ponds and grassy play areas provide opportunity for moving along to another area if the current area lacks an appropriate playmate. The winding trails offer lots of opportunity for hiking and moving along with your dog, until your dog is ready to slow down a bit to play with a friend. Each of the grassy play areas has seating to take a rest.

These parks are the ultimate when it comes to what makes for a great dog park. The long hike before dogs meet up to play is ideal. The parks span for acres. This allows you many options to go elsewhere to play if your dog does not welcome play solicitations from a particular dog. Many regulars attend these parks with their dogs and are very helpful in answering questions for newcomers.

After a small number of visits to dog parks, you will learn what activities are among your dog’s favorites. Your dog may not be into playing with other dogs. As long as he is friendly and not afraid, the various dog parks can offer new sights and smells for his daily enrichment. Whether it is hiking, walking, swimming or playing – your friendly dog will find great joy in some of the dog park options in the Twin Cities area.

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