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3 Truths about self-publishing

3 Truths about self-publishing
3 Truths about self-publishing
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Are you writing a book to make money or get your story out?

If the motivation to publish a book is to make money, then it might be wise to find an additional avenue of income.

But what about all the authors listed in the New York Times Bestseller? Those people make millions and movies were made from their stories.

True. J.K Rowlings, E.L James, J.R. Tolkien, James Patterson, Stephanie Meyer, Stephen King, and the like have all been fortunate enough to have their work acknowledged. Because their work was adapted into a movie, it brought millions of people outside the literary community into their fan base ultimately increasing their book sales.

Then there are authors who sell millions of copies of their book because they have a huge publishing house that can afford a million-dollar advertising campaign.

It is also worth acknowledging that people actually win the lottery too! Just saying.

So what about the little authors out there, the indie authors, do they have a chance at selling books?

Of course they do. As an author and publisher, I have met several authors who have self-published their book and have been given advances to write their book. Both of them end up in the same place, traveling to different towns and cities for book signing events. Depending on the book selling fairies, some book signings may have that author feeling like a New York Times Best Seller and others…well, not so much.

Truth #1: Unless you are a celebrity; do not expect to get rich overnight. In fact, don’t expect to get rich. Unless your book is used to supplement an existing business you are operating. Read more about that in the article, Writing a book to promote your business.

Truth #2: If you are going to invest money into writing a book, you better be prepared to invest more money into marketing because you need to let the world beyond your friends and family know you have got a great story for them to read. Social media has become a helpful marketing tool. But even then, you will need to find creative ways to reach readers beyond your circle of social media friends. And this is just for print sales. Internet sales are different.

With internet sales, every distributor wants their pound of flesh. What this means is that for every distributor channel used to sell your book, that distributor takes a percentage of your profit. So, if you choose to have your book placed in a worldwide distribution database, then you will get a wider array of exposure but, the sales profit will be less—unless you have 500,000 to $1 million internet buyers, then who cares!

Now, this article is not meant to discourage anyone from writing a book. But when embarking on the task of getting your book published, especially self-publishing, many aspiring authors go into this venture eyes wide shut expecting to become the next big-name author.

Truth #3: Everyone has a story to tell. The more the intriguing it is, the more it will sell. Some stories go further than others. It does not necessarily mean that story is better than others. It may simply mean that author had more money to invest in marketing their product—or they had a really great story. Either way.

At any rate, when writing a book, getting your story out ought to be the main catalyst for publishing a book, that way, once it is published, you will not be disappointed. You will have achieved your goal of becoming a published author.

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