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3 Tips to starting your new photography project

Down the line we all need projects to keep our creative minds inspired, and motivated. Maybe you're new to photography trying to find something to get your portfolio started, or maybe you're an experienced veteran trying to give yourself that spark of past inspirational fire. You can find endless lists of projects in books, on the internet, or even come up with your own. Here are three basic tips when beginning a new project.

Homeless Photography Project 2013Corpus Christi, Texas
Rene Garcia

Tip #1 Prepare

Preparation is a major part of beginning a new project, especially if the project is long-term based. Ask yourself, what are the things that you're passionate about outside of photography? How much time do you have on your hands? How far are you willing to travel (If traveling is required), and what are the goals you intend on achieving with, and during your selected project?

Tip #2 Self Motivate

Make daily rituals to keep yourself motivated, and inspired. This could be anything from exercising, listening to music, watching inspirational videos, or even just scrolling through your favorite photographer's portfolio. Remember to be positive. Instead of stressing over what you'll have to do today for your project, look forward to what you'll achieve today for your project.

Tip #3 If Possible, Team Up

Doing a project by yourself can sometimes get boring, and even lonely. If you can, find another willing local photographer to share your project with. This way both of you can uplift each other when one feels unmotivated, and really produce great photos at the end as a team.

Prepare, Self Motivate, and Don't be afraid to team up.

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