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"3 Tips to Avoid Sun Damaged Hair"

Most people remember to apply sunscreen to protect their skin while basking in the hot summer sun. Unfortunately, we often forget that our hair also needs protection from the sun's harmful rays. Sun damage causes dry, dull and lifeless hair that is prone to split ends and breakage. Here are 3 easy tips to prevent sun damage so you can maintain healthy hair no matter what the season.

Cover Up. Wearing a wide brim hat is one of the best ways to protect your hair from the sun. Keep a hat in your car and office ready to wear when you need it. It you’re just not a hat person, a scarf will also do the trick. Simply purchase a few in your favorite designs and cover up before venturing out in the sun.

Condition Your Strands. Conditioning your hair before sun exposure will help minimize sun damage. Apply a light moisturizer followed by a leave on conditioner each morning before leaving home. Reapply later in the day as necessary.

Wear a Bun. Wearing your hair down exposes more of it to damaging ultraviolet rays. When you need to spend time in the sun rub a little sunscreen on your hair and twist it into a bun

Don't worry if you’ve already spent too many days in the sun without protecting your hair. There's still hope. Use high quality products that fix sun damaged hair. A Shampoo or conditioner that contains protein, like Verseo Hair Plus Combo, will repair and strengthen your hair. In no time at all your locks will be shiny and manageable.

Feel free to share more tips about preventing sun damaged hair in the comments section below.

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