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3 tips to achieve your goals in the gym

people working out on gym treadmills
people working out on gym treadmills
Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

There can be various reasons that we can't stick to our fitness goals. And just having a goal is not good enough. We are not always taught how to set goals so that they are effective. To accomplish goals in the gym you need a plan of action.

Here are some tips to help achieve your goals:

Be specific

Having clarity on what you want is powerful. Being specific means your goal is achievable and concrete. Establishing specific goals gives you a timeline of when you want to accomplish tasks by. For instant, if you want to lose 10 pound in 2 months or add 20 pounds to your barbell squat in 1 month. Choose a reasonable time for each goal. There always should be a time you assess your progress to see whether or not you met your goals.

Focus on yourself

As humans we always compare ourselves to other people’s likeness or abilities, this behavior only exists within ourselves. It can be motivating to some then others self-defeating. You will find most of the time, when you focus your attention on someone else, your self-worth diminishes. It could be a person in the gym looks great to you, and you want have their shape. But rather than saying, "I want to look like that person”, Say, "I’m going to look the best I can." Challenge yourself. You will have a much better chance of succeeding. It’s all about you!

Keep workout log

You can find yourself derailing quickly from your goals, if you don’t keep track of your progress. It can benefit you to track how many repetitions, and how many calories you burned. Numbers don’t lie; overtime you will see your progress increase. Your workout log can be simple as writing it down in a notebook or your cell phone.

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