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3 tips for choosing first date locations

Planning a first date is tough. Planning a first date in NYC that is a great for a date can be even tougher. With many NYC bars being small, crowded, and lacking in seats, it is extremely important that you do your homework before planning a first date. If you choose drinks as your option, keep in mind the following factors:

1. Seating arrangement.

If you can’t get a seat easily at the bar you choose, go somewhere else. Arriving at a bar where the two of you have to leave because you can’t find a seat makes for an awkward beginning to a first meeting.

2. Take into account the ambience.

Don’t bring a date to the same type of place you would bring your boys. Bring her to a spot that has nice lighting and a romantic feel to it. Save the dingy spots for your friends.

3. Scope out the noise level.

A great first date location should make it easy for the two of you to have a conversation without screaming into each other’s ears. Different bars have different noise levels depending on which time of the week and the hour you arrive. Be aware of this before committing to a spot.

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