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3 Things We Learned About Wearable Technology at GlazedCon

Wearable technology is taking off, and it’s doing so in quite a rapid fashion. With the influx of smaller, cheaper, and easily portable gadgets, products like smart watches and wearable cameras are poised to be the next hot consumer market. For most people, wearable technology hasn’t quite been incorporated into their everyday routines, but what we learned at this year’s GlazedCon in San Francisco is that it’s on its way, and in a hurry.

We recently stopped by the annual conference in downtown San Francisco to check out the hottest new products, talk with various companies and investors, and find out where the future of wearable technology is headed. Out of all of the things we saw, and the conversations we had, these were the three things that we learned that really stand out.

Investors Are On The Hunt for the Next Big Thing

The past couple of years of seen some massive acquisitions of tech companies, and big time investors are looking to cash in on the next big thing. From Instagram earning a cool $1b from Facebook, and Apple’s recent buyout of Dr. Dre’s Beats, there’s an obvious trend going on in the world of tech investments and wearable technology looks like the next frontier. There were countless investors at the conference buzzing about the possibilities of new wearable technologies, so if you’re in that industry, now’s the time to perfect your product and start shopping it around.

Wearable Technology Knows No Bounds

We saw and heard about a myriad of different types of wearable technologies at this conference that one of the most obvious takeaways was that wearable technology will stop at nothing. From cameras to smart watches, to glasses and shoes, brands are trying to put tech products anywhere and everywhere. Plus, their functions are endless too. From health monitoring to tracking distance traveled to capturing photos and audio, wearable technology seems to have an endless list of uses, which also plays into the excitement of it all.

GlazedCon Is a Truly Unique Experience

GlazedCon was truly unique in that it brought different groups of highly specialized professionals together to talk about these new products, this budding industry, and the future of tech. Product manufacturers, retailers, reporters, investors, and more filled the conference with an air of excitement that was unlike similar conferences. Unlike showcases like CES that are too large to really navigate, GlazedCon was manageable—big enough to keep us there all day, but small enough to not feel overwhelmed. If you’re in the wearable tech industry or looking to enter, GlazedCon is a great place to start and will offer you some great opportunities to network, learn, and expand your business.

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