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3 teens killed in hit and run: Houston driver who killed teens fled on foot

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Three teenagers were killed early yesterday morning in a fatal hit and run car crash, and the occupants of the other vehicle, after seeing what they had done, took off from the scene on foot. The accident occurred at around 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning in southeast Houston. Police are now looking for two individuals who skedaddled from the car crash that left three teens dead.

According to, the crash occurred at the intersection of Woodbridge Drive and the South Loop feeder road. A white Chrysler 300 was speeding southbound on Woodridge and blew through the red light, ramming into the blue Chevy Cavalier that was occupied by six teenagers, three of whom are siblings.

The force of the impact spun the Chevy around and slammed the vehicle into a light pole. Three of the teens died – two boys and a girl – and the other three were taken to the hospital. One remains in critical condition and the two others are in stable condition.

Police said they believe alcohol may be a factor; that may explain why the driver and occupant of the other vehicle took off.

Investigators believe the three teens that died may have all been related, though this has not been confirmed.

The Houston Chronicle is asking that anyone with information on the whereabouts or identities of the two individuals driving the Chrysler 300 contact the hit-and-run unit at 713-247-4065.

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