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3 tech companies use wearable tech as April Fool's joke

A trend in wearable tech has led three technology companies to make the same April Fool’s joke. As Apple Insider suggests, maybe the actual joke is how unoriginal cellphones are these days.

A fake phone was introduce on April Fool's day

The great products revealed today were the HTC Gluuv, Samsung Finger and the Toshiba DiGit. As their name implies, the hand becomes the device with this technology. Samsung and Toshiba both created a cellphone glove that most greatly resembles a motorcycle glove, and HTC’s device looks a bit more like Iron Man’s armor with a phone attached.

The wearable phones would be operated with finger gestures and cameras could be used from the hand. Imagine the selfies you could take!

Samsung’s glove includes a few extra features after Wi-Fi, built-in camera, mic and speaker. The “S Charge” feature allows the phone to be charged through solar power when the user raises their hand “conveniently and elegantly” toward the sun. The flatulence auditory reproduction will issue fart noises when you pull one of your fingers. Of course. And there are various designs that the phone would come in, including a fingerless glove option and a fancy gown glove option.

Toshibia’s DiGit, or the “technology with the perfect fit” features similar gesture control. The device features earbuds built into the gloves as well as virtual retinal display.

HTC didn’t really try hard to innovate with their product. The tagline of the Gluuv reads: “Imagine the power of complete smartphone creative freedom. Now imagine that freedom in the shape of a glove.” For some reason they’ve given it the capability to integrate with the HTC BoomBass, a giant boom box, for 90s dance-offs.

They offer other ridiculous features such as ‘pounding it’ to take a photo, implying that “armies” will become the new selfies and saying that to edit photos you can use Gestural filters to make your photos better.

Where Samsung was decidedly silly with their product, HTC was just a little bit insulting by offering something so outdated, in appearance and concept, that it hopefully was a completely last-minute effort.

While it makes sense that they wouldn’t spent a lot of time on a product they aren’t even going to make, but why spend any time at all on it. If this is a marketing move, they didn't’ impress us with what they’re capable of.

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