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3 team building activities for teachers

Christine Bleakley turned PE teacher today, putting children from All Saints School in Wimbledon through their paces at All Saints Church of England Primary
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson

Teachers are typically a friendly group of people but sometimes even teachers need help with getting to know each other and these excellent team building activities for teachers would be great to use in a small group setting and large group setting.

Team building activities are excellent to use at the start of the school year when new staff is hired and some teachers may not know each other. The team building activities are also perfect for district workshops when there are a large group of teachers who are not familiar with each other.

Here you will find 3 team building activities for teachers that are easy to plan and prepare for, plus the team building activities are very effective for breaking the ice and for teachers to get to know one another.

Guess who I am

Teachers can play this team building game in pairs; the facilitator of the group places a sticky note on the back of each teacher with the name of the celebrity. Each player looks at their partner's back to see who the celebrity name is and then offers 5 statements related to the celebrity that will help the player guess what celebrity name is on their back. If the players do not guess who the celebrity name is on their back, the players need to find a different partner to work with.

Years of experience line up

Teachers line up by their years of experience including the month and year they were hired but the teachers need to do this team building activity without talking, hand signals and any other creative means are appropriate. This team building activity can also be played using birthdays which include the month and date, there are many variations that can be used for this fun team building activity.

Name game

Have each teacher introduce themselves and then explain if there were any particular reasons why they were given the name they had been given from their parents. Many times, some extremely interesting stories come out of this simple team building activity and it is a great way to help players remember each others names. Teachers can also share if they like their name and why or why not, additional interesting information can also come out of this simple question.

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