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3 team building activities for kids

Israeli children play in a kindergarden
Israeli children play in a kindergarden
Photo by Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images

Kids need to learn how to get along with each other and work together; these skills learned in childhood are essential skills to become a successful adult. The earlier kids learn about team building, the longer they have to practice and refine these skills.

I personally believe that children in general are not taught enough about team building and that team building activities should be a crucial part of the curriculum in schools and also reinforced in the home.

Here you will find 3 team building activities for kids that teach children how to get along and work together in an efficient and effective manner.

Get to know you bingo

This is a really fun team building activity for kids and I especially loved having my kids in the classroom play this entertaining game. Kids in a classroom, group or even neighborhood would benefit from this team building activity. Print off blank bingo cards and add phrases to the boxes such as: birthday in March, favorite food is pizza, eyes are blue etc. Each child gets a bingo card and each child needs to go talk to other children and find kids who can say yes to the bingo phrase and then writes the child's name in the corresponding phrase. Whoever gets bingo horizontal, vertical or diagonal first is the winner.

Hula hoop connect

Here you will find a team building activity for kids that not only involves cooperation but it also involves a lot of activity and movement, kids really enjoy this team building activity. All players get in a circle and hold/lock hands, two players separate their hands for a moment and a hula hoop is placed between the players, their hands are then locked together again. The players must get the hula hoop around the circle, back to where it started without the players separating their hands.

Share 5 details

Each child writes down 5 details about him or herself, three are truths and two are lies. The child reads their 5 details to the group and then with a show of hands as each detail is re-read again, kids vote if they think the detail is the truth or a lie. This is a really fun team building activity for kids to learn more about each other.

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