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3 Super easy tips for women dating after 50

I recently at the chance to sit down with dating expert Ronnie Ryan to talk about finding that special someone after 50 years old. Here is what she had to say for all you New York Singles out there:

If you’re dating after 50, finding that special man is completely possible. To make things easier, remember your younger days and draw on that energy. In your 20’s, you didn’t have baggage or life disappointments. So you were friendly and held positive expectations about dating and you need that now to attract love. My best advice for dating after 50 includes these three easy and strikingly effective tips:

1. Notice men around you and smile.

Women come to me complaining there are no good men. This is absolutely NOT TRUE. But, you will have to open your eyes, heart and mind to see them and then remember to smile!

2. Talk to men.

Strike up a conversation with men around you. It’s not rocket science – just say hello or tell him you like his tie. Men are usually flattered when you initiate contact. This is not aggressive – it’s FRIENDLY. Women over 50 have often forgotten how to simply be warm and approachable. Every conversation won’t lead to a date, but the more you practice, the more you’ll become comfortable and skilled at interacting with men.

3. Get out of the house.

Maybe you sit at your desk during lunch and stop at the gym before going home. Or you’re so crazy busy, you don’t have time to date. Either way, you need to shake up your routine to cross paths with men and meet them. Make room in your life for the serendipity of love.

Countless women have found love with my tips, so why not you? It’s never too late for love!

For more information from Ronnie Ryan, be sure to visit here website, Or visit this free article for advice from Joshua Pompey.

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