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3 Steps to Success in Life

success in life
success in life
Jim Rohn

Success is not Final!

Failure is not fatal!

The courage to pick yourself up and continue on is the "secret to life"

It all hinges upon your attitude. There are a few prerequisites that can’t be overlooked.
1st – You must understand and know your own authentic talents
2nd - You must align those talents with your work/job description
3rd – You must improve your results with continual personal improvement

There are several ways to identify your “authentic” talents and we here at Rezults Group can customize the process so that you discover yours in a timely manner. Some like to name their authentic talent their “genius” – not their I.Q. Genius but instead that which they are very talented in and do very well compared to others. You know what I mean when you compare yourself to others who always seem “to get it” and your performance seemingly less than theirs. I call it “swimming upstream” vs. those “who get it” who “are swimming downstream.” What we know from experience is those who swim upstream will never be as effective /productive as those who swim downstream – regardless of how much extra time, training and effort they invest in the effort. We have cutting edge assessment tools available that will assist in quantifying this “authentic talent” that we all possess. Everyone has something that they can do that is at the genius level … identifying it, embracing it and aligning their work with it will benefit with an increase of productivity and compensation; many experience the ability to accomplish 2x’s as much in ½ the time or saying it another way … double your income while working ½ the time.

Once you’ve discovered your genius I don’t want you to fall back on your laurels. Daily improvement is recommended. A regimen of reading and study in your profession will sustain you among your peers and maintain that edge you have by continuously “sharpening your saw.” Personal development and organizational development are essential to success in today’s competitive world. Training in the world today is a multi - billion dollar industry. Increasing skills and knowledge in your profession is essential but I suggest you look at R. O. I. for those training dollars spent and compare it to dollars spent on “Development” of those very same skills and knowledge. I’m referring to “attitudes and habits” … individuals on a daily basis provide us a window into their thinking and understanding of an issue/ process/ etc. by the attitudes and habits they exhibit. The training side of the equation is the “externalization” of the issue while the habits and attitudes convey the “internalization” of the same issue – for maximum R. O. I. employees /owners who have internalized the material they are responsible for exhibit the best outcomes.

Life will always present “opportunities” (old school definition of this would be “problems”) and at times they are harsh enough to literally knock you over. History illustrates that those who “get back up” and who refuse to give up will in the end be the most successful. Winston Churchill taught us well in his famous speech (paraphrased) after World War II – “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never give in.

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