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3 Steps to breakup with style, not shame

Researching some cases of crimes committed after difficult breakups, the commonality among perpetrators is a lack of self-control. Breakups between couples happen everyday. People get together, live peacefully for a while and then decide that it's time to part roads. What happens when only one person wants to cut ties and the other is not prepared?

Nothing in life comes with an ironclad guarantee, especially relationships. The person you're in love with could wake up one day and simply break the news that they need space from you. Rather than make an imbecile of oneself with stalking tactics, be the better person and come out on top. Here are some steps to follow that help maintain your dignity:

1. Stop, gather your thoughts and begin redirecting your thinking. Get away from your lover and take time to cool off. Don't stand around, asking a bunch of "why" questions of your mate or yourself. If you had a big fight that caused the breakup, get away from the fight and all the causes. The only thing that usually results when people continue a fight is irreparable damage. Don't stalk your former lover under any circumstances. All contact should cease. When someone wants space from you, there is NO reason to stay in touch. Move on with your life.

2. See yourself successful without the person who dumped you. Rather than think that you can't see your life without your lover, adjust your perception. It may take some time, but with positive determination, it can be done. Immediately begin making a list of things you can successfully accomplish on your own. Jilted lovers are emotionally unprepared for being alone. As such, confrontations sometimes arise. Avoid taking any action against your lover, no matter how out of control your emotions seem.

3. One of the best things that anyone can do is to show yourself and everyone that you're the better person. It is very difficult to gracefully bow out, but in the long run, it is more advantageous for you. Quickly begin to put the past behind you and prove that your former lover made a bad decision by letting you go.

People come and they go. It is ludicrous to believe that life ends just because someone else decides they want to do things differently. When one door closes, another opens. Walk through the door that's just opened; your brighter future awaits.


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