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3 social media wins that you can learn from

The Best Tweet of the Superbowl
The Best Tweet of the Superbowl

Social media, unlike digital media, is a much more patient game. SEO and banner ads and email marketing are instant gratification. Social media is not. That is the reason why so many people are struggling to be successful with it. Many people don’t get it. You must be willing to put in more time of eating crow to get the results, otherwise you won’t get it.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs should be winning on social media much more than they are now. The realty is they are caught between a rock and a hard place. Let us look at three 3 social media wins as examples of strategies small businesses and entrepreneurs should employ to be successful in real time marketing.

The Oreos superbowl tweet from last year

Watching sports has become a two-screen, even a three-screen experience. Thus, advertisers have to do more than just TV commercials to get the fan’s attention. They have to use social media as well, including Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels to get more attention. During last year’s Sunday night superbowl, Oreo pulled off the best fancy footwork. There was a power outage for 34 minutes at the Superdome during the third quarter of superbowl XLVII. The Oreo social media marketing team immediately tweeted an ad that read “Power Out? No Problem”, accompanied with an image attached to the tweet reading “YOU CAN STILL DUNK IN THE DARK”. The message caught on immediately, attracting nearly 15, 000 retweets and more than 20, 000 likes on Facebook.

It turns out Oreo had a social media team (15 people) ready on standby to respond online to something catchy happening at the Superbowl. So, not only did they have a regular commercial run during the first quarter, they also employed copywriters, a strategist, and artist ready to react to any situation in 10 minutes or less.

San Francisco 49ers’ winning social media playbook

The San Francisco 49ers have six Superbowl appearances and five wins. This track record extends to its social media engagement efforts. Currently, the Niners are in fourth place among the 32 NFL teams on Track Social’s NFL Engagement Leaderboard. On Instagram, they have attracted more than 581, 000 followers. Senior manager of digital and social media for the San Francisco 49ers offers some ideas on winning on social media.

• Over-prepare for your daily social media engagement but don’t be upset if great ideas don’t see the light of the day.

• Know and understand your audience as what works in one marketplace may not work in another.

• Represent your brand such that the values of the organization are represented in all of your social media engagement.

• Content sells-- social media is content. Thus, be part of organizational meetings, understand what’s newsworthy and capitalize on opportunities to deliver great content.

Crust Gourmet Pizza

Crust runs a competition on Twitter every Friday where users only have to tweet the words “Crust Free Pizza Friday” to enter a drawing for five pizzas worth up to $100. The campaign for the start was only meant to last a few weeks. Now the company has continued the competition due to its initial success; it has turned into a weekly event. The company now has more than 3,000 followers on twitter and 5, 000 on Facebook. This is pretty good considering the company was an unknown in the online space just six months ago.

The earliest sign of success for the company according to the chief executive Michael Logos, was the sheer amount of conversation being generated, which saw the recruitment rate rise, in terms of people on their pages. People were not only commenting on the competition but also on the business in general as well. The company continues to converse with the followers as the conversation has gone beyond the competition. The campaign continually gains the company new followers and spreads the brand over the network.

In speaking with Scott Cohen, CEO of 180Fusion, a full-service digital marketing agency, he mentioned that most planned social media events can sometimes come off as staged. However, when preparation for a social media event is in place, the interactions that stem from that preparation come across as organic. Therefore, he suggests being prepared, but not over planning.

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