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3 smart businesses and their approach to content marketing

Bloggers and journalists are raving about the potential of content marketing.

"Get more traffic. Develop thought leadership. Drive solid branding!"

Honestly, do you need any more of a push before you start?

In case you're looking to learn from businesses in-the-trenches, here are three examples of companies that really shine thanks to content:

  1. Xerox and it's crippling branding problem
  2. iProspect and its approach to content for the world's largest brands
  3. Brafton and the answers you want to read about the thinking behind a content marketing agency

If you're a business owner, what things are you doing different that makes your content marketing stand out? If you're an active content marketer, what new things are you looking to learn? Finally, if you're simply interested in learning more about content marketing, tweet me @dannywong1190 and we'll talk! I'd love to share any articles or experiences that might be useful to you!

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