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3 simple food items to help you stop a virus in its tracks

Prepare yourself for flu virus with these 3 food items.

Simple food items that everyone can buy or even grow, can easily be stored and used for the prevention and treatment of a virus such as the flu. With the flu season upon us, many wonder what they can do to try and stay healthy. Here are 3 simple foods that any budget can afford that every family should have in their cupboard.

In a news report on Aug. 26, 2014 by Brian Williams and Nightly News, even the U.S. government has designed a master plan in the unfortunate event of a bird flu pandemic. The White House does explain though that it is up to each state to implement its own flu pandemic plan. There are ways you can help yourself prepare for a virus outbreak by stocking up on these simple food items.


Honey is by far one of the best food sources for flu and cold virus and it stores well all year long. Many have stopped a cold virus in its tracks by taking a spoonful of honey several times a day when signs of a cold are first noticed. It is best to take on an empty stomach to let this awesome natural healer do its work.

Honey can also be added to just about any type of food or drink such as tea or bread if taking it by the spoonful is just too sweet for you. Your flu treatment could be as simple as spreading a spoonful on a biscuit or cracker.

The antiviral and healing properties of honey have been known for thousands of years and one of the best aspects of this simple food is that it not only will help prevent and treat the flu virus but will also treat infections on the skin. There have been several studies on using honey to treat different viruses. One such study published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine explains that honey showed major antiviral properties that could be used to treat patients with shingles.


Another fantastic simple food item that is a must in your cupboard is cayenne. Many people cannot tolerate cayenne in their food, but do not despair. You can treat your virus with cayenne in capsule form and it is easily attainable at just about any grocery store or supermarket.

This simple spice has been known to help fight a cold or flu virus as well as a long list of other health issues. Some of these include aiding in the eradication of the dreaded itch mite (scabies), lowering cholesterol, natural blood thinner, reduces inflammation, and treats headaches.

To help you stop a cold or flu virus, try sprinkling some cayenne in a cup of tea or just take the recommended dose from the bottle. Many people eliminate headaches just by smelling cayenne. This simple food item has too many applications to mention here but stocking up on this will send you well on your way to fighting most any virus.


Garlic is one of the best antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal known to man. It is also an incredible antiseptic that can help ward off not only cold or flu virus but also tooth aches, scabies, shingles, and the growth of cancer cells to name a few.

It is best if you take a simple garlic bulb, cut it in thirds, dip in honey and swallow. You will now have the effectiveness of both the garlic and honey fighting off any virus your body may be combating.

Another simple way to ingest this virus killing food is to take it in pill form. Most markets now carry the odorless pill form.

If you stock up on all three of these simple food items and prepare in advance of flu season, you can possibly go virus free this winter. Prevention is the best measure and by taking these inexpensive food items before flu season hits, you may find yourself healthy all year long. Remember to always consult your physician if you are taking medication as garlic and cayenne both act as blood thinners.

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