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3 Rules to Fortify Hair During Cold and Freezing temperatures

Me and Curls
Cheryl Howard

You can winterize your hair and scalp just as people winterize their vehicles and homes. 3 ways to do this is to: Moisture Up! Condition Up! Tie it Up!

1) Moisture Up:
 You have, you must and you shall keep that hair moist using a moisturizer that has natural fortifying substance in it. Keep hair supple and moist by using moisturizers and conditioners and hot oil treatments. Both moisturizers and conditioners can have same and similar ingredients and agents. Keeping your hair static free is sometimes a challenge during cold months due to wearing scarfs and hats made from wool and over drying (blow-drying). Using natural bristles or wood brushes can help reduce or curb static from hair. Cover and protect hair and scalp with moisturizers and conditioners. Using products fortified with natural ingredients, nutrients from vitamins, herb infusions (oil & herbs) and other strengthening ingredients is vital for naturals or those who may have chemically treated hair but prefer using natural ingredients or products that include natural ingredients. You can make them yourself or visit your local natural or holistic health store. There’s list of NY and other natural wholefood stores below.

Look for products that have the following ingredients-Just to name a few: Products with Silk Amino Acids help repair hair/skin) and herbs can help strengthen hair. Hot oil treatments, Serums, Conditioners & Moisturizers can protect hair from static and guard hair and scalp against cold and freezing conditions/temperatures. Note: Don’t forget that moisturizers and conditioners should be applied from the scalp to the end of hair strands. This helps to combat dryness, breakage, brittleness and unruly hair.

2) Condition Up-Naturally:
 Using conditioners with moisturizing and nutrient-based ingredients also helps to protect, detangle and treat hair-leaving a healthier condition, feel and look. Ingredients such as Panthenol tames frizz, repairs, detangles, prevent split ends and protects hair from heat. Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (curbs breakage & softens hair). Dulse can be used to replace salt and is high in iodine, minerals and vitamins. MSM is a naturally occurring form of sulfur, which helps the body form keratin – a tough protein that strengthens hair and nails against harmful chemicals. Also, using Protein-based conditioners with ingredients such as Keratin/Wheat/Amino Acids are found in many conditioners). These also are known to strengthen hair bonds (made up of amino acids) in hair, and add durability/pliability and life to brittle dry hair (especially due to chemicals).

3) Tie it Up:
 The same ole’ method of using a satin or silk scarf or cap remains key to reducing static (when hair constantly rubs and creates friction from bedding material it can cause static), keeping moisture locked in hair and helps keep hair in place. That’s it! Nothing deep! Reminders help us because we live in a busy society where we’re multi-tasking even more nowadays-giving less attention to our mane and tresses. Future articles will list more herbs and vitamins along with DIY remedies and how to instructions to make at home.

Health food/holistic health stores: USA
1. Vital Health Foods 196-14 Linden Blvd Jamaica, NY 11412 (718) 525-0992).
2. Fairway Market 242-02 61st Avenue (Lower Level of Douglaston Plaza Shopping Center) Douglaston, NY 11362 (718) 423-2100). In NY, NJ, CT
3. Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market 4 N. Thompson St., Richmond VA 23221 (804) 359-7525.
4. Whole Foods Market-USA. In NY:
5. Safeway-North America:
6. Trader Joes
And of course, there may be some local health food markets in your neck of the woods. These are just a few.

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