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3 roles a career coach may play

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Looking to engage with a Career Coach? Take advantage of your wise investment and get the support that you need. After all, career progression is full of twists and turns and it doesn’t come easy for everyone. Here are just a few roles your Career Coach may play to help you get ahead:

  • Igniter: A Coach can help with putting that spark back in your career. You may be stuck in thought, but your Coach can help you move to action. For example, let’s say you heard about a new position being added in the department next door, and you are thinking of applying. Sharing this information with your Coach will help you feel supported and give you confidence to take action. This might ultimately help you with landing a new position.
  • Connector: Coaches are dependable resource providers. Perhaps it’s a book, article, profound thought, or even a human resource. A Coach can put you in touch with the right information, at the right time. This will help you get active in discovering what’s next in your career adventure.
  • Challenger: Coaches are there to check for consistency between what you say and what you do. In fact, when they hear a contradiction, they will identify it! This is meant to be helpful, as a Coach is there to remind you of what you really wanted to accomplish in the first place, and stand for you when you aren’t feeling quite confident enough to stand for yourself. Remember that deadline you were supposed to meet? Did you get it done? If not, what got in your way? Your Coach can help you get to the bottom of that.

Career Coaches support your chosen path and identify the blind spots that you might not see ahead. Be ready to work and expect nothing but positive results for your career and your life. What are you waiting for? Use your Coach and get the results that you want for your career today.