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3 regular habits to ditch to avoid breakouts

How do you prevent breakouts?
How do you prevent breakouts?

Last month, Crystal Clear Acne Clinic released a statement on how to prevent common breakouts for Acne Awareness Month.

Below are three manageable factors that involve daily habits that Crystal Wellman, a master aesthetician and owner of the Crystal Clear Acne Clinic, says will help reduce acne.

1. Avoid Fabric Softeners
Fabric softeners and dryer sheets leave a waxy residue on clothes, sheets and towels that can clog your pores. If fabric softener is a necessity to you, try a hypoallergenic version.

2. Limit Dairy Intake
Milk products create inflammation in pores, which contribute to breakouts. Consider a tasty substitute like coconut or rice milk.

3. Find Replacement for Sports Drinks
There is a lot of iodized salt in sports drinks that can cause breakouts. Not only sports drinks, but fast foods as well. Depending on your activity, water, green tea and fruit/veggie smoothies might give you the same boost.

Note, consulting with a dermatologist is always the best solution.

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