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4 Reasons To Use Camille Rose Naturals

A naturalista's dream.
A naturalista's dream.
Camille Rose

Is there room for yet another hair care brand focused primarily on the naturalista market? Well, Camille Rose Naturals - an organic body and hair care products brand hair for the holistic girl within you, has found some willing takers on the shelves of Target and Whole Foods.

Reason #1

Of the dense collection of products to choose from, I took Algae Renew Deep Conditioner ($20, for a spin. It was high time that I stop running on a New York minute and just “be” for 20 minutes as I let this super-intense conditioning treatment hydrate my tresses underneath a heat cap. Can also be used during a steaming treatment. Only one word to describe my experience…wow!

Reason #2

Complete with blue algae, which contains 65 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and hair-strengthening Biotin, ‘Renew’ stops hair thinning, breakage and shedding in an instant. Hallelujah!

Reason #3

In real estate it’s about location. In hair care it’s about fragrance first and I quite like the Cocoa & Mango Butter fragrance of this product. You can easily co-exist with this fragrance without forcing the cutie in your life to keep your personal space rule in check.

Reason #4

Natural-coiled lovelies or those who have an organic bend, will appreciate all that is Camille Rose Naturals. It’s quaint pink packaging is filled to the brim with hair-restorative ingredients that breathes life into your hair.

While shedding isn’t a complete thing of the past, since it is normal, there is much less of it happening now.

Grade: A

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