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3 reasons why a writer loves to hear from their readers

Writers write for the sheer joy of writing but also to be read
Writers write for the sheer joy of writing but also to be read

The life of a writer can at times can be a lonely one. Each day writers ply their craft in front of a computer screens or with pen and paper or on a typewriter. Words are strung together into sentences and sentences are woven into articles, poems stories, book and all other forms of the written craft. They writer about their lives, their families, they workplace, their relationship. Other writers leave this world and create worlds of their own in order to carry the reader to far away places.

While some writers write for personal edification most writers create their work with one thought in mind -"I wish someone would read my stuff." Here are three reasons writers like to hear from their readers.

1. Just like any artist, writers want people to respond their work. Having one person read a writers work and respond to the words brings personal gratification as well as the knowledge all their work wasn't for naught. Even a negative response is still a response and shows someone has taken the time read the writers words.

2. Writing is a gift which works best when given away to others to share. It is a gift which can be shared over and over again and is new for everyone who reads the words. Writers like to hear from those who read their words in order to know their gift was loved enough to share with others. Having one's words stir the heart, the mind, the soul of another is nothing short of a miracle.

3. The third reason a writer plies their craft is a selfish one-to be known by others. The more a writer's work is read, the more the writer's name is put out there and the more their work is read and the more their message gets out there.

While there are still those writers who write for the sheer joy or learning about themselves, writing really brings pleasure when you know someone is reading your work So the next time you read a writers work offer them your kind words they will treasure it.