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3 Reasons to Reassure Resumes with Compelling Cover Letters

If you think that you know everything about how to get a job and if it's working for you, please share with us. I have recently attended the annual training of over 140 people passionate about all things careers, resumes, outplacement and entrepreneurial in the form of the Career Thought Leaders Conference, held in Baltimore, Maryland. And of the take aways that I now feel compelled to share is that every resume needs a cover letter. Just like a best friend helps us weather the storm of life's good and bad challenges, a cover letter is here to roll out an introduction and support a resume in its challenge to make a difference. It is imperative to add this wonderfully chic compelling document to support a resume that really rocks! So let me share with your 3 reasons to reassure your resume with a compelling cover letter:

  • Cover Letters Compliment - This is your time to share with your ideal companies that you have been watching their success, their challenges and you feel based on your skills, passions and experiences, you are available to present an opportunity to help them meet their weekly, monthly and annual goals. Your specific experiences with results from solving these same problems can be communicated in your cover letter. For instance:

I have orchestrated a number of programs nationwide to facilitate access for trained professionals in science, technology and engineering. The scope of my experience is directly in line with the search requirements for the President of ABC123 Organization. Additionally, I have completed several key initiatives that I would like to bring to your attention:

  • Cover Letters Cheer - What better time to include information about special activities and other events related to a particular subject matter that illustrates your ingenuity and creativity and relate these to the needs of the organization. As you formulate your cover letter of cheer, be sure to include industry key words and key phrases. For instance:

Would the following meet the most demanding requirements of your broadest constituency?A passionate team player who doesn't care who gets the credit as long as the job is done excellently. A manager who knows how to get things done so well that people think her suggestions are their own good ideas. A leader who uses his own professional development programs to help others.

  • Cover Letters Give Choice - Some postings will use the term, "letter of interest" or may ask for an email to accompany a resume. Some may ask that salary requirements are included with other career communication documents. Cover letters provide an opportunity for you to help hiring managers a chance to choose you! This is a time to choose to include information about special circumstances that aren't covered in your resume. There are so many reasons that you as a job seeker or career changer is a unique individual. This is your time to shine ! For instance:

I appreciate your consideration and would welcome the chance to explore the opportunity in a personal interview. Be assured that my skills in investigative and data collection will add measurable value to your organization.

Here's hoping that you now find value in always including a cover letter with your resume. Please take a look at the video called, "Good And Bad Ways to Get Noticed in a Cover Letter".

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