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3 Reasons Evangelicals Choose Christian School

Every year Christian parents in Toledo are faced with the decision of how to handle their children's education. Many Christians are becoming increasingly concerned about the curriculum being presented in public and government funded charter schools. As a result, families are turning to alternative methods of education. One of the popular options is Christian school and here are 3 top reasons other than finances, privacy and values that parents are choosing Christian schools.

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"For by wise guidance you will wage war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory" (Proverbs 24:6).

3. Teachers who love God. When you as a parent choose to send your child to school each day, you are entrusting their hearts and minds to authority figures who may or may not share your values and love of God. Evangelicals are concerned about the many unbiblical messages children in public schools are being taught. It gives parents an ease of mind to know that their child's teacher is someone who loves and God and teaches from a biblical worldview.

2. Academic excellence is the goal. Public education is not delivering the education many think. Since the implementation of the 'No Child Left Behind' legislation of 2002, school systems have almost dumbed-down and colleges and universities are now more skeptical of the test scores and transcripts. Due to their commitment to honor God in all things, evangelical Christian schools are more likely to dedicate the time and energy--within smaller classroom settings-- to the work of making sure your children achieve mastery of their skills and education. College recruiters no this and are likely to look favorably on your decision to make the sacrifice necessary to make sure your child has a quality education.

1. God's word is taught. As a parent of students who attend a Christian school, you have the peace of mind that your children are in a safe and loving community day after day where the Word of God is taught, emphasized and lived out.

To find out more about the Christian schools in your area, click here. Check here for the government's statistics and facts on the issue of public vs private education in America.

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