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3 QuickTips to help you accomplish your New Year's Resolutions

So you have you New Year’s resolution all figured out! It may be the average resolution of losing weight or quitting smoking. Maybe you have something more complicated like starting your own business or writing a book. Either way there are certain things you need to keep in mind as you are working towards you goal. It takes more than making a resolution to produce the desired outcome. Here are some quick tips to help you follow through with your New Year’s Resolution:

Get what you need and get rid of what you don’t. Get organized. Make sure to have all the materials you need to meet your goal. For example: If you want to work on your budget and cut down some expenses you might need a financial planner, a small notebook or bank statements and copies of your previous bills.
Write down your goal (in more than one place). Make sure that is a place that is appropriate for your goal. If you want to eat healthier than you need to post a note on the refrigerator. If you goal is to keep in touch with your mom more you should post a note by your phone. If you plan on saving money by printing coupons put a post it by your PC or laptop station.

Calendar, Alarm it and Plan it! Everyone has things going on that take up tons of time in their lives. It is easy to forget things that you want to do. You have to make it part of your daily or weekly y routine if you will stick with it. Set time aside; put reminders on your calendars. Set you alarm on your phone to go off when you want to work out or study.

Stay Motivated. It is much easier said than done, right? There is a positive way of thinking that can easily help you get going towards your goal. Keep track of your efforts and reward yourself when you make progress. If you mess up and forget to work on your resolution start on it the next day.

By using these 3simple steps you can lay down a strong foundation towards meeting your goals. Everyone is different and you know yourself better than anyone so work on your strong points, avoid your weaknesses and good luck!

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