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3 qualities employers look for in star employees

In order to embody these quailties  you need to prepare
In order to embody these quailties you need to prepare
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Employers spend hundreds of hours hunting for the perfect candidate. It can be intimidating going up against all these people especially if you are not sure what the company is looking for.

This is why it is extremely important for you to go into interview confident in your skills, and confident of what you can offer to the company. Preparing before hand will allow you to gain a step up on your competitors and reach this state of calm and confidence.

Here are 3 qualities that every employer can appreciate in a potential employee. Make your job search easier by aligning your skills with these 3 qualities that employers look for in interviews.

Employers want to turn of the responsibilities of a position to a person they feel they can trust. Competence is a mixture of strength, knowledge and likeability. If you can make employers feel comfortable you can start to exude these qualities.

Show your competence to employers by being self confident. Be sure of skills specific to the position and show what you can offer to their company. Sit up straight and speak clearly, always maintain an air of respect and make them feel comfortable speaking with you.

A Willingness To Learn and Adapt
Nobody wants to hire a stiff rock that is stuck in their ways and unwillingly to learn. Nothing kills a teamwork atmosphere like someone who isn't willing to compromise or learn new ways of doing things. Employers are looking to weed out people like this during interviews- to avoid this you need to show them how valuable of an employee you can be.

Do this by highlighting times where you have taught yourself something or worked towards doing something you were unfamiliar with. Don't limit these experiences to just work environments - the type of person who is willing to fix their own lawn mower has the qualities of someone who can embrace change in the work place. Show employers your always willing and wanting to learn new things. Reading and learning voluntary are activities that show this.

Consistency is one of the best qualities you can offer to a new employer. Put yourself in the position of an employer; they are looking for someone who is going to work hard from day 1 and continue that work for their entire time with the company. You want to show people that you are intrinsically motivated to succeed and need little outside motivation to bring your best every day.

Always have strong references lined up. Make sure your references are related to area of employment your trying to get into. For example if you are applying for a high tech position, you should have a reference that is able to speak to certain technical skills and be able to speak to why your a good fit for that industry.

Prove your consistency by highlighting past experiences in leadership roles. While your a selling yourself to the interviewer be sure to hit on points such as problem solving, meeting deadlines and resolving conflicts. Also mention times when you went above and beyond what was expected of you. These are all qualities of a consistent employee and can only help you prove your merit to employers.

Putting it all together
In order to attain the air of a successful employee it's important for you to study these 3 tips and take the time and prepare for your interviews. Create anecdotes about yourself and your skills that revolve around these 3 points practice what you have written so it doesn't sound rehearsed. Always be truthful but play to the qualities employers are looking for in order to gain an advantage.

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