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3 out of 3 Stewarts DNF Moto 2 at Budds Creek National

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The hot and challenging Budds Creek National forced James Stewart, Malcolm Stewart and Ronnie Stewart to pull off before the end of moto 2 on July 12, 2014.

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All three of these racers are in top physical condition and train to race 2 long motos in the heat and humidity of summertime weather. So were there other issues? Of course there were but whether it was the late race crash James had, Malcolm succumbing to the pain of the injuries sustained from the crashes the week before as well as vision problems after ditching his goggles or Ronnie losing the motivation to finish while running outside a points position the heat and humidity was still a factor. On tough days like these rider had their mental conditioning is as important as their physical conditioning and the heat and humidity is tough on both.

Malcolm was the first to pull off about 24 minutes into the moto then James pulled off a minute later. Then Chad Reed pulled off a lap after that. It wasn't until seven minutes after Malcolm pull off that Easton, PA's Ronnie Stewart pulled out of the race. The 606 Dirt Candy rider endured the heat and humidity of the Budds Creek national the longest of the all the Stewarts. As a matter of fact Ronnie's DNF was only about 5 minutes before Ryan Dungey took the checkered flag for the moto and overall win.

The three Stewarts and Chad Reed were not the only racers to DNF Moto 2 at Budds Creek however. By the time the 2 lap board was displayed to Dungey the 761 of Chad Clason, Kevin Rookstool 123, Joey Peters 535, Robert Lind 869, Kellian Rusk 92, Ryan Sipes 39, Sean Hackley Jr. 452 and Noah McConahy 131 were all out of the race.

Chad Clason 761 from Chesterfield, SC was the highest finishing rider with a DNF. He was scored with 29th place in moto 2. This really puts a unique perspective on how tough motocross is. Even the toughest and most talented riders can struggle on any given day or in any given moto. Remember James Stewart had set the fastest time in practice earlier that day and finished 5th after a poor start in moto 1. But the second 450 moto is always the toughest especially when they start at 3:15 pm at the hottest part of the day.