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3 New Year's goals for singles

The New Year is always a great time for singles. It may be just another day in the calendar, but symbolically, it is much more. It represents a time of potential change, hope, and a fresh start for singles all over the world. So before you kick off 2014 on the wrong note, let's take a look at three goals that all you busy New York City singles should make as a priority for yourselves.

1. Make time for dating and drop the career obsession.

Too many city goers focus their entire youth on their careers. Before they know it, they wake up from those sixty hour weeks with full pockets, and an entire youth that has fleeted before their very eyes.

Being ambitious is good, but this year, try not to obsess about it. Make plenty of time for your dating life as well!

2. Get your mental health in order.

Whether it is dropping those extra pounds, joining the gym you've been meaning to join, getting a new haircut, or buying a fresh new wardrobe, get your mental health where it needs to be. Until you are fully confident, you will never be able to attract others into your life.

3. Make dating fun.

Too many singles treat dating like a business meeting. It is not an interview! Have fun. Try different activities. Do things that you don't normally do. The less you treat dating like a job, the more you will have the potential to find true romance.

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