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3 new push ups to shake up your routine

It’s springtime!

Not only are we itching to spend time outside (for the first time in most of the US, but for the last time here in AZ), but our get-in-shape New Year’s resolution plans are getting a little stale.

So what do you do about it? Switch it up! Here are three new push ups to challenge you and shake up your routine. Check out the video above or here to see them in action.

Prison Cell Push Ups are similar to burpies, without jumping and with a little extra work on the ground. Starting from standing, crouch down and jump out to a push up position. Push up, then pull in one knee, switch to pull in the other knee, and do another push up. Then jump in, stand up, and start all over again. And if you’re feeling awesome, throw another push up in between those knees. If you’re moving a little slow, just do the first push up - no worries, you’ll get there!

Pike Push Ups are the bodyweight exercise answer to shoulder presses. From a tight downward dog position, feet closer to your hands than normal (your heels will not be down), lower the top of your head towards the ground, then press back up.

In & Out Push Ups (which I’ve also heard called Spiderman Push Ups) put a fun spin on wide push ups. From a standard push up position, step one side (hand and foot) out to a wide position, push up, step back in, and repeat on the other side.

So, why add in these push ups?

Besides working your pecs, shoulders, and triceps? The awesome benefit of doing bodyweight exercises is that you get those stabilizing muscles, specifically your core and back here, kicked into gear. Some say body weight exercises can also encourage weight loss, as our bodies would rather not have to move more mass than they have to.

Further, with these exercises, you can workout anywhere with little or no equipment! I love my Perfect Pushup bars, but you can use plain push up bars, or nothing at all. If you choose to workout in the park without handles, though, I recommend packing your yoga mat or a towel.

Don’t forget to watch the video above or here.

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