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3 Networking Tips to help you to imagine your success

Imagine that you had no work experiences.
Imagine that you desired to achieve but had no skills and no education.
Imagine that you had a passion to relocate to New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver or Memphis and excel as a professional account manager, banker, financial analyst, college professor or assistant manager of a franchise corporation.
Imagine that you had to find career support agencies that could direct your path.

So you look first for signs that say parlez-vous francais? Voca Fala Portugues? Afaan Oromoo nidubata? Habla Espanol? to get needed career support.

Imagine that you just know deep in your heart that once you have learned the tools needed to begin the process towards re-directing your energy to progress in your career goals, you will be ready to go! See if these 3 networking tips help you to imagine your success.

First of all, each of you have a wealth of experiences that can be incorporated into a viable career field. For those seeking,
you are asked to forge connections with professionals who are currently doing what you want to do. Look in the business section of your local newspaper, note those professionals from a cross section of career fields who are being acknowledged for promotions, community service and other achievements. Read their bios. Learn about the steps these people took to develop their skills sets. Note the companies where they have worked. All of these people, companies and organizations are great connections to forge on Twitter, Linkedin, Glassdoor, Naymz and on Tumblr. There are tons of other social media sites that exist to help you build relationships for business and career advancement purposes. Check out this site to learn more about how to build your international business network at this website Imagine how much knowledge you can gain by reading, answering questions from communicating with other professionals in the career field in which you seek to advance.

Second of all, Imagine sitting in the desk or standing at the cubicle of your next professional position. You may desire to be on the lecture circuit, train entry level professionals on the basics for an effective human resources department, or serve as the official personal trainer for the Falcons, Titans or Cowboys. Now locate job descriptions of these targeted jobs throughout the nation. Compare and contrast job requirements, needed certifications, years of experiences requested and any different 'exceptions' noted from various job descriptions such as:

  • "will consider experiences in lieu of formal education"
  • "intern experiences highly desired"
  • "local applicants only need apply"
  • "partial moving expenses included"
  • "submit cover letter, letter of interest, along with resume and salary requirements"

It is your responsibility to understand the desired skills, standard expectations and cultural competencies within your desired career area.

Thirdly, imagine connecting with industry leaders, as you tailor your skills to fit the needs of the industry. Begin the process of connecting the dots with your relevant career communications so that you can leverage your experiences to promote your unique marketable value. Imagine your first phone interview, Skype interview or communication from a recruiter on LinkedIn who found your skills noteworthy. Imagine how well prepared you will be as you have become a subject matter expert who understands the trends in the professional area, the leading topics of concern and the top 3 areas noteworthy for success in your area. You have honed in your skills, joined professional associations and even produced an e-booklet on the topic. Imagine how these tips will help you to leverage your next position in your career area.

We hope that you find this article to be useful. Do you have any tips that have helped you network and imagine your success, let me know about it below. Here's hoping that the video, "On Staged’s New Social Network Focuses On The Content, Not The Person Posting It" will be helpful as well.

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