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3 life-changing lessons you can learn from this local Denver artist

23rd Ave. Sculptures is a great neighbor
Denis Flierl

23rd Ave. Sculptures is a great neighbor and it’s a Biblical principal Dennis West must have learned when he was in college. A group of nuns reached out to this local sculpture artist and it changed his life forever. Dennis West attended Loretto Heights College and received a Bachelor of fine arts in sculpture. This Denver college was founded in 1891 by the Sisters of Loretto and began as a Catholic elementary and secondary school for girls. Dennis West was one of the first 10 males to attend this all-girl school. He received a scholarship and now he returns that favor to others in a big way.

LHC molds this young local artist

Between 1968 and 1980, LHC reached one of several milestones that included the admission of male students. This played a big role in who Dennis West is today. His religious training at this college continues to have far-reaching effects. Dennis is the owner of 23rd Ave. Sculptures in Denver not far from where he went to school. He’s been in the same location for 21 years and runs the metal sculpturing business with no employees.

Dennis believes in the Golden Rule

His clients are his neighbors, homeowners, restaurants, and interior designers. Dennis likes his clients and neighbors and they love him. It shows, because he will repair things that are broken for free. He doesn’t charge anything for little repairs on metal items and he believes in the pay it forward principal. He believes in the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you in Matt 7:12.

Dennis doesn’t need to advertise because he has an 8 week waiting list if you want a custom metal sculpture. It’s all because of how Dennis treats others. Dennis’ customers do all the advertising for him and refer others to him all the time. He makes anything out of metal and makes custom things like handrails, fences, gates, copper hoods, steel planter boxes, gas fire pits, and patio furniture. Outdoor living spaces are the rage now and 23rd Ave sculptures makes things like arbors, canopies and outdoor furniture.

Giving is one of his core values

Dennis is a more than just a good neighbor and believes in giving back to the community. He hosts charity events and gives away the use of his front yard for free. He has designed the front of business to look like a garden with lots of trees, bushes, water features and of course his sculptures which he displays. It’s an inviting place and he uses it to benefit others. Dennis has used his front yard for wakes, weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, Rotory Club charity events and he lets people use it for free. He even has a pig roast every September for the neighborhood.

He mentors high school students

Dennis believes in helping others like the nuns at Loretto Heights helped him to get an education and fine arts degree in sculpture. He now helps teens and mentors other young artists and lets them use his space and equipment to learn and get high school credits. Because it helps the kids with math and reading skills, Dennis’ mentoring helps these high school kids learn real world applications which helps them graduate.

Dennis West lives out three Biblical principals and we can all learn some valuable life lessons from him. Treat others as you would have them treat you, it’s more blessed to give than receive and mentoring the next generation will have far-reaching consequences. 23rd Ave. Sculptures is located at 3500 W. 23rd Ave. in Denver (303) 433-4831.

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