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3 innocuous things that control our lives

Is no reply still a response?
Is no reply still a response?

As a board member for the Georgia Alliance for Health Literacy (GAHL), using the word “innocuous” would be frowned upon. According to better selections might be unobjectionable, innocent, or safe. However, “innocuous”seems to fit best.

The following are things we don’t fret much about until we realize we don’t have them when we need them. Or, we overlook the impact they have on our day-to-day lives. Innocuous they arguably are, but in some situations may be just the opposite. Here are three things we need to admit impact our lives and not continue the relentless pursuit of trying to think it is possible to live without them:

BatteriesWho ever invented our dependence on batteries was simply brilliant. Batteries control our remotes, our phones, our children, and our pocketbooks. We forget to buy them and then make special trips to the store to get them at any hour of the night.

We even call a neighbor to borrow some, knowing well they are conveniently denying having any just in case they find themselves in a similar situation. Batteries have power over us in more ways than one.

Eggs – Try to make a cake without one. Even a box cake requires eggs. Not into baking? Try debating the famous riddle, “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” without an egg. You can’t.

Ever notice how everyone has an opinion about eggs? There must be a thousand ways to prepare an egg – scrambled, boiled, poached, fried, Easter eggs, and the list goes on! Even women’s panty hose used to come in L’eggs. Not sure if they do that any more, but it was a great way to start a business. Perhaps that little egg really did get a head start over the chicken?

Replies – We are completely obsessed with replies or lack thereof. They consume our thoughts and change our behaviors. Replies can be wanted or unwanted and many don’t even address the nature of our request in the first place. Replies can comfort and devastate and sometimes simply lead us to more questions.

It doesn’t matter how or where we receive replies. We wait for them, re-read and re-listen to them and how we decide to re-reply consumes us for hours, days, and longer…talk about influence.

What’s on your innocuous list that has taken control of your life on more than one occasion? Your sincere reply is requested at

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