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3 Inches of Blood - Warriors Of The Great White North

Poster for "3 Inched of Blood - Warriors Of The Great White North"
3 Inched of Blood

3 Inches of Blood is a Canadian heavy metal band from Vancouver and Victoria, BC. They are known for their hard work ethic, almost constant touring and energetic live performances. Finally there is a documentary that gives us a peek into what is the life on the road like.

The first thing you notice about the film is that it really feels true. It almost smells of sweat, beer and rainy highway. The film allows the guys to tell in their own words what the band means to them and how they see their work as musicians. “My worst day as a musician would have been my best day when I was working construction” says Shame Clark, the guitarist of the band. Touring and making music is a real work. It isn’t always easy and it definitely isn’t financially a good life choice.

3 Inches of Blood is almost constantly touring and it becomes clear that even though they spend majority of their time together in very close quarters they have found a brotherhood that works for them. “We like each others company. If we didn’t I don’t think the band would last” explains the other guitarist Justin Hagberg. Even when the band lives a nomadic lifestyle and moves from town to another almost daily there is familiarity in the routines. Carrying equipment in and out of venues, staying in Super 8 motels, partying after the shows. Over time it becomes similar routine than working 9 to 5 might be for others. The motivation for the work is making and performing music. The band lives on live shows and tours. Both financially and mentally. “I hope to have another tour lined up when we get back home. There you got to be a normal person, I hate it” summarizes vocalist Cam Pipes.

The film is well made and definitely interesting for fans of 3 Inches of Blood but recommended for all who are interested in music as a lifestyle. And the film is tied up into a neat packet with the awesome music of 3 Inches of Blood.

You can check out the film at Vimeo.

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