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3 ideas for using doilies in a new way

Doilies were once a mainstay of every home. They were used on end tables, the backs of easy chairs, and under that vase of spring flowers. Unfortunately using doilies in the home isn't as popular as it once was and many handcrafted and delicate works of art are now shoved in drawers or boxes in the attic. Using doilies in the traditional ways may be out of style, but repurposing and reusing genuises have found new uses for turning those lacy bits of cotton thread into charming and amazing items.

Doilies can be repurposed in dozens of ways.

Want to pick up some doilies to use in these crafting ideas? Visit one of these northern California thrift stores.

Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for repurposing doilies. Here are a few of the San Francisco Recycling Examiner's favorites.

Dye those doilies and make some adorable tank tops! Minimoz has a great tutorial on changing the color of doilies and then using them on t-shirts and tank tops. It's never to early to get your spring wardrobe ready.

Spruce up a quilt or afghan! Dottie Angel crocheted an ordinary afghan and then added some doilies to make it anything but ordinary. Lovely.

Show off the intricate artistry of doilies by framing them! Crafty Nest shows how to take a few doilies, some old frames, and turn them into beautiful wall art.

Make sure to check out the video to see how to make an awesome pair of shoes using doilies!

If you area already a Pinterest user, all you need to do is type 'doilies' into the search bar to discover dozens of ideas that may inspire you to use those doilies that have been hanging out in a drawer or closet.

Which idea will you try?

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