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3 ideas for making candy heart crafts

Candy hearts
Candy hearts
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

One of my favorite candies for Valentine's Day is conversation candy hearts, not only because the candies are fun to eat and taste great but also because candy hearts are perfect to use in craft projects.

I have made so many candy heart craft projects at home and also in the classroom as a teacher. I have found as an adult, the candy hearts add wonderful color and dimension to craft projects while I have also found that kids love making crafts using the candy hearts because they can snack on the candy while making a craft.

I also really enjoy incorporating messages into my candy heart crafts by paying particular attention to words and sayings that I can put together. The messages I have come up with range from being very sentimental to very funny. A little creativity goes a long way when using conversation candy hearts as a craft item.

Through the years of my crafting I have found some Valentine candy heart crafts that I have enjoyed the most, here you will find my favorite 3 ideas for making candy heart crafts.

Valentine candy heart wreath

This candy heart craft has been one of my favorite projects to make because not only is it fun to make but I have also enjoyed being able to hang up the candy heart wreath for display and others getting to enjoy it also. The Valentine candy heart wreath is really easy to make, simply cut out a doughnut shape of any size desired from a very heavy cardboard type material. Hot glue candy hearts on to the cardboard doughnut shape covering the area completely, once the first layer is done, add on a second layer. I have done up to 4 layers of candy hearts, as long as the cardboard is strong enough to hold the candy hearts, multiple layers can be added. I finish off the Valentine candy heart wreath with a festive coordinating ribbon bow. Then hang to display for Valentine's Day festive cheer.

Candy heart bookmark

This candy heart project is excellent for kids in the classroom and is a great activity to do during the Valentine's Day classroom party. Cut out a bookmark shape from tag board and hole punch at the top of the bookmark, add a ribbon or yarn through the hole. Give kids enough candy hearts to eat and to use for the bookmark, kids attach the candy hearts using white glue. I have found that some children like to do simple designs on their bookmarks while others have wanted to cover their bookmark completely with candy hearts. Make sure to have enough candy hearts on hand so there is enough for the bookmark project and also to eat.

Candy heart cupcakes

Although this is a food type project, it is also a creative activity and I consider it a craft activity. This is also a candy heart craft that I have done in the classroom during the Valentine's party, not only does it serve as a creative activity but it is also a delicious treat for the kids and the best part is the kids love decorating and eating the cupcakes. I give each child a cupcake and allow a few children at a time to go to a separate table to frost their cupcake, once they are done frosting their cupcake they go back to their desk to decorate their cupcake with candy hearts that I have placed at their desks. If more candy hearts are needed, I always make sure I have more than enough on hand. When kids are done decorating their candy heart cupcake, their reward is getting to eat it!

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