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3 ideas for a fresh home organizing perspective



It is winter in Minnesota. The holidays are over. The holiday gifts and sales after the holidays have now officially added to our household clutter. Here are three ideas to freshen your home organizing perspective.

First, how about a fresh color palette perspective and a balmy floral place to investigate? Try a field trip to the indoor conservatory at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory? The Orchid Society of Minnesota has a Minnesota Winter Carnival Orchid Show there January 23-24 and the Winter Flower Show runs after that from January 30-March 21.

Now, after that, it is helpful to see your own home with fresh eyes. How? Grab your digital camera and start taking photographs from several angles in every room. Load them onto your computer and look closely. As you study these photos, you will notice decorating, organizing, and clutter concerns that are not visible to you normally. I tried this last year and found bookcase clutter, table toppers that weren't working well, and several other things that were easy enough to fix once I became aware of them.

A final suggestion is to head to your local Bachman's Floral Gift & Garden. Check out the latest indoor decor ideas that they have and take the opportunity to walk indoors where live plants are growing. Inhale deeply! Nothing can compete with the humidity and scent of live growing plants this time of year in Minnesota.


  • Linda Spokane Blended Families Examiner 5 years ago

    Great suggestions! I so need to reorganize and de clutter! Thanks for the great suggestions!

  • Dawn Gagnon Orangeburg Home and Living Examiner 5 years ago

    Very good tip, and it is very true, taking photos of your home for some unknown reason bring things to light you normally don't notice. Great read!

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