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3 Hot brands of bikinis to sell on eBay

Bikini tops and bottoms sell well separately on eBay.

Summer is upon us and so is bikini season. Many fashion conscious beach and pool goers look to eBay to find their favorite (expensive) brands of swimwear for the summer season. No need to pay high mall prices for a bikini; just look on eBay for a pre-owned suit with the desired logo and style. No one at the beach or pool needs to know the suit was purchased used on eBay.

Hollister is a well-known brand by Abercrombie and Fitch, but at a lower price point. Their image is comfortable casual wear for teens and the average customer is aged 14 – 18. The logo is a sea gull flying over the Hollister name. Bikinis in pre-owned condition can sell for up to $30. The tops and bottoms of bikinis sell well separately, so even if you only find one piece, it can be worth listing.

Victoria’s Secret is known for its bras and sexy lingerie, but they make swimwear as well. Some styles can sell for over $80, like this blue and black sequined style that sold for $81 plus shipping. It’s hard to believe people will pay these prices for a few strips of material barely covering the body, but the completed listings don’t lie. Victoria’s Secret is a popular brand of swimwear. Completed listings show over 8,500 sold listings for Victoria’s Secret bikinis.

Roxy is a female clothing brand founded in 1990 by the parent brand, Quicksilver, so it is newer on the scene and many sellers don’t know about this brand. Roxy is best known for its surf and snow clothing, including board shorts, hoodies, wet suits, and rash guard shirts. They make bikinis, too, and eBay shows over 1,800 completed sold listings for Roxy bikinis. Some styles can sell for over $30, so not a bad profit if buying swimwear in gently used condition from thrift stores and garage sales.

Tips on selling used swimwear:

Wash the item before listing.

Check for pilling and holes on the bottoms.

Make sure all clasps, snaps, zippers, or buttons work properly.

Always include measurements.

Swimwear sells well year round, not just in the summer - think of cruises, tanning beds, vacations, and shipping internationally to countries whose summers are opposite our winters in the USA.

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