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3 Hip Hop Artists to Watch Out For in 2014 (That You Might Not Know Yet)

Orlando Rapper Caskey
Orlando Rapper Caskey
YMCM Press photo

The 2014 Grammy's have passed and it was a breakout chance for the slightly unknown, Lorde with Song of the Year, and a great breakout for Macklemore who proved he might be an indie artist but he is felt as a major. I want to give a glimpse into 3 artists who a ton of A&Rs, label heads, and music executives are buzzing about to be at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

The 1st is Orlando rapper, Caskey. Caskey is signed to the (in)famous YMCM label, and his buzz online is growing hourly. The young, white MC has a little bit Lil Wayne and a little Eminem to his bar game, but he is 100% unique. Eminem as far as content and Weezy F., as far as his flow and voice. The talk around Caskey is the same type of words that were going around Nicki Minaj before she blew up. Talented, hard working, and a true dedication to the pen game that every MC needs is part of the puzzle, the YMCM marketing budget and team is the other piece. If Caskey was a stock, buy now and buy a lot!

The 2nd rap artist to watch for is another Florida rapper, BlackFoot Joe. BlackFoot has been in serious talks with Universal and Sony but he hasn't signed yet. His song, "Pool of Thoughts" was an internet hit in 2013, and he is poised for a jump out year. BlackFoot is both hip hop and pop, a mix of something for the ladies, as seen with his remix of Nicki Minaj's "Freak," and a true lyricist for the hip hop heads.

Universal A&R Dru Tyler had this to say about Mr. BlackFoot Joe, "He has the look, the lyrics, the image, I think it is only a matter of time until he is a household name."

The 3rd artist to watch for is Grace Martyr. Grace recently inked a deal with Hoopla Media Group, and his debut single is set to release nationwide in February. Grace has been getting heavy discussion by everybody from DJ Drama to Worldwide DJ Coalition DJ, Ray Banks. Grace is currently in Atlanta finishing up his debut project and preparing to tour the country this spring.

Ray Banks has said the first single from Grace, "Peanut Butter Seats," is a sure fire 'hit.'

There you have it, 3 artists to watch for in 2014!

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