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3 green Items for March 2010


Variety of reusable Starbucks cups

Reusable Starbucks Cups - Ideal for coffee-holics who also want to help Mother Earth.  The cups are made out of plastic and can be used for drinks of all kinds, including cold ones.  They are easily washed and will not sweat.  The cups come in varietal ounces and they can either be clear or solid.  Starbucks sells 15 billion (15,000,000,000) cups of coffee each day.  15,000,000,000 x 365 days per year = 5,475,000,000,000 (5 trillion, 475 billion) cups of coffee per year.  If every Starbucks coffee fanatic were to purchase a reusable cup, just image how much less resource we’d have to use to create paper cups that just occupy landfills?  We’d be doing the Earth a huge favor.

Envirocycle composter

Envirocycle Composter - Spring is most definitely on its way (yes, even for us in Colorado) and for those who garden, a composter may turn out to be a good idea.  Remember, however, that only uncooked biodegradable products, like carrots, celery, grapes and so on, can be put in a composter.  Cooked items have had their “make up” rearranged, therefore making the composting process dangerous.  On to the Envirocycle composter…the actual composting component is cylindrical and sits upon a base with rollers.  The rollers allow for the composter to be turned in order to help the degrading process move along ‘healthily’.

Bulk options of CowPots

CowPots - Composed entirely of cow manure and completely biodegradable, CowPots have become an ideal item to gardeners of all kinds.  CowPots is the brain child of Matthew and Ben Freund, a couple of Northwestern Connecticut farmers.  The product received an award from Green Thumb Awards in 2007.  Plants grow very nicely in these pots because of their natural qualities but, not to worry, the CowPots do not smell like manure.  The manure smell was removed through the production process.


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