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3 Great Sites to Create an Animated Video

Would a video increase your sales? Sure, there are some great advances in slideshow videos. You can create some compelling pieces with Youtube and other sites by uploading your work and audio clips. But do you have an idea for a funny animated video that you feel would enhance your business? Maybe you just want to add animated characters to create a theme or mascot for your product. Here are some great sites that allow you to create your own animated videos. Some of them have a free plan available with limited features. Whatever, your budget may be, these are worth looking into!

1. - This site has really good quality. It claims to be easy to use but is pretty much designed for a serious user. The scenes, scenarios, graphics are at an advanced level. You are able to create characters that meet your specifications. You can modify their body structures, facial hair, and movement. The features are really great for a do-it-yourself site.

2. - This seems to be a quick and easy process. The graphics are just okay. It is a drag and drop site that looks as if it were created using the same interface as Wix. You choose a background, characters, and other props by dragging them over to a blackboard. This site is free.

3. - This site has good quality also but has very limited options for free users. The graphics have that computer animated 'Jimmy Neutron' look, rather than a traditional 'cartoon' feel. I know, but that was the only way I knew how to describe it.

At any rate, these are some great sites to explore. I would suggest trying dvolver just to get your feet wet. Move to the other sites after you check out their options and prices.

The funny video above was created using GoAnimate along with the exceptional voice talent of Jor él Quinn. You can see more of his creations on Youtube.

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