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3 great reasons to use a website as your resume

Creative Resume Website
Creative Resume Website
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Today’s job hunter really needs to figure out a way to set themselves apart. Nowadays it is not uncommon for an individual to create their own personal website, why should you be any different., and are three sites that help you create a personal website for free. All three sites are super easy to use and have some really great themes.

1. Price

Using one of these sites means no money to pay out for a domain name or any other costs usually incurred when you run a website. The sites I mentioned are completely free but that doesn’t mean everything on the site is free. is my preferred site and I have yet to see anything that costs. Unlike, you have an option of free or paid widgets and gadgets. They have a pretty good selection of free stuff. I’m not as familiar with it’s relatively new but what I’ve seen so far they have both free and paid stuff with a great selection.

2. No Limits

A resume is expected to be no longer than two pages and a CV no more than four pages. If you’ve had a number of jobs for any number of reasons than 2 – 4 pages just may not be enough to ensure all of your important projects are highlighted. On your website you can upload everything without taking up anymore room. You can also add more information, edit, take information away, and update at any time. There are no limits to what you can do with a personal website.

3. Centralization

All of your information can be centralized in one place. No searching for a card to staple to your resume along with your cover letter and letter of references. All job pertinent information in one place, since you know someone will be checking your Facebook page anyway you can add your Facebook button to your site along with Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and so on. It gives you more control and easier access to the information you want people to see.

Whether you are tech savvy or tech not-so-savvy, creating a free website may be a viable option for you. They are a lot of fun to put together, you can put any information you want on the site and you have greater control. It should, however, be noted that not just Google data mines or sells information to the marketing people of cyber space. If you put on your website that you like yogurt don’t be surprised when Danone sends you coupons.

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